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I don't see anything funny 
About what I once laughed at.
  And this room is too big for one person, 
That's why I'm calling you. 

 I can't see anyone else, 
I'm already blind. 
 And all our memories don't want
 To leave my head.  

My head hurts,
 My skin stings, 
I need help 
But you are deaf.

  Frozen hours,
 I can no longer
 Get out of this situation, 
I'm really sick.  

Once again you left, 
Once again I pretended I didn't care,
 You left again
 While I'm standing here until you decide.  

I needed love, 
Not disappointment.
I needed your respect,
 Not your swearing. 

 Once again you hurt me,
 Once again I forgave you.
 You have already left 
But I am still here. 

 Someone can tell me what happened,
 My mind goes crazy, 
And once again I forgive
 My heart for making mistakes calling you in return. 


  • Jun 27, 2020

  • Jun 27, 2020

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