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Dancing in my mind, 
I'd like to get you out.  
Dancing in the dark,
 I want to be the light. 

 Dancing through my thoughts,
 You read every poem I wrote for you. 
 Undressing my thoughts, 
I'm feeling cold.  

Dancing in my veins, 
You get drunk with my blood, 
Flooding every cell, 
Baby,  I'm feeling so cool.

  Dancing with my heart,
 I can't control my heartbeat.
Dancing right here, 
I see your reflection in white.

  Dancing in the dark,
 I can't turn on the light.
 Your body is the silhouette that haunts me,
 Trying to dominate my feelings. 

 Dancing in my soul,
 Me and you.
 Two lonely ones, 
In the middle of a route that leads nowhere. 

 Dancing on my skin,
 We spend the night in the moonlight.
Until next day,
 Until sunrise.  

Dancing here next to me, 
I feel like you want to take me away.
 Dancing both,
 Honey, I want to be yours.


  • Jun 27, 2020

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