The Prince, The Orphan, And The Four Arrows Episode 2 Read Count : 5

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(The episode opens with Sanin coming into the castle  looking for Prince Aven)

(Prince Aven was about to leave)

Prince Aven: (sighs) I can't leave her here (tries to pick Natalie up)

(Sanin appears on his unicorn)

Prince Aven: Sanin! Thank goodness, could you help me?

(Sanin whistles at the unicorn)

(The unicorn blasts the handcuffs off Prince Aven)

Prince Aven: Thank you! What happened to dad?

Sanin: Uh!

Prince Aven (holding onto Sanin): Where's dad?

Sanin: He's gone

Prince aven (worried): Where? Where? 

(Sanin shaked his head)

(Tears come down from Prince Aven, Sanin hugs Prince Aven as he cries)

Natalie (begs): Please.

Sanin: It probably is in the castle of darkness.

Natalie: I have to go there

Prince Aven: You'll die, if you go inside

Natalie: It's okay, I'm already a ghost.

Prince Aven: I'll come with you.

Sanin: But, Prince Aven, that's a suicide mission.

Prince Aven (with tears still coming down): I don't care, I will avenge my father.

Sanin: Then, I will come with you.

Prince Aven: You are a true friend 

(Sanin smiles)

(Prince Aven gets his unicorn with Sanin by his side)

(Natalie race over them and transported them away)

(The screen switches to the Castle of darkness)

(Inside the castle, the evil wizard pops the orb)

(Ace is still in a trance)

The evil wizard: Open the chest.

(Ace opens it)

(The chest reveals four floating arrows)

The evil wizard: Yes (evil laughs)

(The portal opens and The evil wizard throws Ace into the castle)

The evil wizard: Bye Bye! Young one

(Prince Aven, Sanin, and Natalie appears in front of the castle)

Natalie (shocked): I don't sense Ace (opens the door and runs through the hallway)

Prince Aven (running after Natalie): Wait!

Sanin (running beside Prince Aven): How come we didn't ask for her name?

Prince Aven (running): I didn't think it was important 

Sanin: Oh well

(Sanin and Prince Aven notice blue balls drop)

(The blue balls have thorns)

(Prince Aven and Sanin was about to get hit the ball)

(But the ball gets destroyed and Natalie is revealed with her true form)

Natalie: Are you okay?

Prince Aven: I thought you ran away.

Natalie: I sensed you were in danger.

Sanin: Do you always care about people you just met?

Natalie: You could at least say thank you, I could've let you die.

The evil wizard: Some people don't have any manners.

Natalie: Yeah, now tell me (blue eyes) where is Ace?

(The evil wizard shows a portal that shows Ace riding on a dragon)

The evil wizard (shocked): He's supposed to be eaten by the dragon

(Natalie laughs)

The evil wizard: What's so funny?

Natalie: You? You see my friend: Ace is tough and has handled the toughest magical creatures including dragons (whistles)

(A staff appears into Natalie's hand)

(The staff releases green aura, that turns into a line and Ace is pull out of the portal)

(Ace was on the dragon)

Ace (smiles): Natalie

Natalie (smiles): Ace.

(Ace and Natalie hug)

The evil wizard: So, you are that orphan that was adopted by the priest.

Ace: It seems my reputation precedes me.

(Prince Aven takes Natalie's staff and has a battle with the evil wizard)

(Natalie moves Ace out of the way of the magic battle)

Which one?

(Sanin throws an arrow and hits The evil wizard's heart)

(The arrow was one of the floating arrow, and is glowing green)

(The evil wizard melts)

(Ace grabs the glowing arrow)

(Sanin gives Ace the other four arrows)

Prince Aven: So, you are a magic protector.

Ace: I am.

Ace (looking at Prince Aven): So, you are going to let me take the arrows?

Prince Aven: Only if you let me come to your home

Natalie: What about your castle?

Sanin: The people are dead.

Ace (shrugs): Fine

Sanin (looking at Prince Aven): Are you satisfied now?

Prince Aven: No, I want more.

Natalie (whispers to Ace): Should we bring them with us? I mean he just lost his father and kingdom.

Ace (whispers): It'll be fine.

Natalie (whispers): If you say so.

Prince Aven (whispers to Sanin): Can we trust them?

Sanin (whispers): Natalie did save us and she didn't have to.

Prince Aven (whispers): Fine.

(Prince Aven and Sanin walks to Natalie and Ace)

(Natalie glows and they all teleport away)


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