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(The car sped through the dark night, it's headlights flashing, warning the incoming traffic and tries to stop, when he saw a person)

(The Car did stop)

(The person that was inside car gets out of the car, and sees a college boy who has long curly blonde hair, wearing a blue shirt with long sleeves, black pants, and white shoes.)

(The boy's name is Yune.)

(Yune walks to the person who is just standing in the same spot.)

Yune (looking at the person): What the heck! Why were you standing in the middle of the street?

Yune (looks around and sees no more traffic): and where did all the cars go?

(Yune looks at the person, the person turns to Yune revealing short green hair, white skin, blue jacket, yellow shirt with a star on it, blue jeans with white stripes, and white shoes.)

(The person has cold eyes, the color white.)

Yune: Are you okay? (Snaps at the person) Hello! Hello!

(Yune gets up and sees no people as well, then grabs the person and put it in the back seat)

(Yune buckles up the person in the seatbelt, then gets into the driver seat and drives off.)

Yune (while driving): I should go to hospital, she or he must be in a frightened state (looks at the back and sees the person is the same) hmmm.

(The episode ends with Yune driving away)


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