I Almost Hit Somebody Episode 2 Read Count : 6

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(The episode opens with Yune parked by the hospital)

(Yune takes the person out of the car and closes the door)

Yune (walking into the hospital): I hope things go well

(Yune sits the person on a hospital bed and tries to look for a doctor)

Narrator (with a red background) : Five minutes later.

(Yune looks tired  on the floor)

Yune: What the heck? Is with this place, not a single patient, nurse, doctor, and doesn't look that old.

(Yune sees the person behind him)

Yune (shocked): What the heck, didn't I leave you in the hospital bed? (Gets up) (walks to the person) are you alive? If so, blink 

(The person smiles and blinks)

(Yune shakes his head and sees the person is still smiling)

Yune: Who are you?

The person (robotic): I have no name.

Yune: Are you a robot?

(The person nodded)

(The episode ends with Yune looking shocked, as the person shows it's robotic body)


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