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In love with a ghost 
That haunted my thoughts for years, 
Blind to the people around me, 
I finally understood, 
That love must be mutual
 In order to survive. 

Followed by an illusion 
That one day, 
His feelings may change.
 I lived with the hope 
That maybe it will belong for myself. 

Living with the obsession 
That I didn't need anyone else, 
I lost my mind listening the unhealthy heart. 

Like any beautiful dream 
That doesn't last long, 
I woke up when I realized
 We didn't have bright future together. 

A fairy tale told by others 
But untreated by me. 
A shadow that disappears, 
Can still me terrorize. 

An unfailing love leaves empty places That no one can fill. 
Nothing affects me anymore. 

I have already lived many years of my life 
Leaved in confusion so many times.


  • Jun 26, 2020

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