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It's happening

Some people won't really care but im just gonna leave this out there, 

So I decided to Quit Forever..Or Mayde a Few year Break...Prob


Well Something bad happened to my life Yesterday Fater I posted my story which you won't really care off

And what's that bad thing that happened? Well, you probably won't care but My Best friend Recently stopped Connecting with me...Not that big of a deal? Well, true but something else happened and one of my family is having symptoms of The Coronavirus...But we are not sure but on Edge...And the finally reason is well not very important but it is A reason for me to Quit, First when I took a break from this app Well No one really Cared and  My books seem to be Not very Fun to write and from to seems of it Not very fun to read aswell...

I'm not trying to be Greedy The main reason is I don't really find interest to read and People aren't reading it So I think It's not fun, I try to brainstorm ideas make my books fun but I have no good ideas 

Though I really appreciate people who read My books I Just don't seem Into not pointing fingers in just saying overall I Dont Like Writing Much...

But Thank you, And goodbye I may Come back but I need some time to protest all this...I hope you understand...Thank you....and Goodbye..


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