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Start a new day, 
Leave your memories of yesterday behind. 
Fall in love with the people you already love. 
Make your favorite coffee and enjoy. 

Dress up your sweetest smile, 
be confident. 
Look at the sky, 
Don't keep your eyes just on the phone. 

Be respectful, offer if you can. 
A good word will never hurt anyone. 
Treat others the way you need to be treated.
 The words come back like a boomerang. 

When you hurt, you can be hurtful. 
Give today the chance to be a success,
 If you turn your head to the past,
 Be able to say, "Yes, I was able to succeed." 

Time changes things and teaches us how to be. 
A new day, a new chance to achieve happiness 
Simply by breathing and being healthy. 

It is everyone's responsibility to live in harmony.
 Don't make any plans for tomorrow. 
Live this moment you feel coming.
 They look behind me 
And they cannot understand
 How I transformed in such a short time. 

But they didn't know this was my only wish. 
At the end of the day, 
When you put your head on the pillow, 
Be worthy of yourself 
And you will be able to sleep peacefully.


  • Jun 26, 2020

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