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Black lives do matter. Hispanic lives matter. Chinese lives matter. everyone matters. you know why everyone matters? it's because we are all unique. not one of us is the same as the next person. there are many things to make up our identity. race. religion. personality. age. gender. all those things combined makes you who you are. 
I'm sure everyone knows that equal means same. this thing blew up because the justice system is not fair. We want and need equality in the justice system. However I do not think that total equality is what we want. If we gain total racial equality, we totally lose a part of our identity. If everyone becomes completely equal, we will lose value as human beings. Value comes from rarity.  If we lose our uniqueness we lose our value. We become disposable. We become indifferent. How in the future will we be able to spark change if we are all equal? Use inequality to your advantage. We cannot make a difference if everyone is the same. 

So be clear about what you want in life. Use the fact that in the past things were less equal than they are now. Use the past to form our future. A good future. Remember, if we gain an equality we gain an inequality. It may seem unrelated but it will lead to certain consequences. Be clear. Be respectful. Be heard. But be careful not to let others twist your words to make you the bad guy. That is in all of our history books. Don't let yourself become a person going down in history as the one who sparked a bad change with twisted words. We do not want equality at the cost of our identity. 

Thank you.


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