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Only when you left 
And you were no longer there for me, 
I realized that I still have strong feelings for you. 

When you didn't respond to my messages 
As fast as you used to,
 I realized that you have other priorities too.

 When you asked me to give us another chance, 
I said "No".
 You ran crying after the minibus, 
And I realized how much I broke you. 

After you left, 
I said, "I'm free", 
But that wasn't the truth I felt. 

You wanted to come back after a while, 
But I didn't want to hurt you anymore.
 I let you go in someone else's arms. 

I know, many say I'm a coward, 
But I think love wasn't compatible with us. 
It was a time when I always wanted another background. 

The trivial things always get me bored. And yes, I loved you, 
But I have a different way of loving. 

Now, after so many years, 
I still remember. 
Sometimes, you still haunt my thoughts. 

I am a stranger to you,
 For me, you're the person 
For whom I have felt love.

 I hope you are good,
 I haven't talked for a long time. 
And I hope you could forgive me. 
Sometimes things come to an end, 
Without ever ending.


  • Jun 26, 2020

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