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Ma'am I will respectfully tell you what I told Donald Trump. I personally feel by having us chose which political party to be for is like making me chose sides which is why we are Divided right now and our country is failing horribly. It's like making me join a gang which we all know have agendas and then use those in their gang to attack the other side. I do not want to be part of your civil war your hiding from the American People. I am voting one more time and I am letting my Father chose the Best Candidate no matter what political party they are in. Not even street gangs are at war no more so yah... I hope you understand 

Blessed Be, 
Tammy Carr


  • Erica Renee

    Erica Renee

    I'm trying to figure out your message here, but it's completely lost on me

    Jun 27, 2020

  • Tammy Carr

    Tammy Carr

    We need to stop participating in the Civil War between the politicians and start chosing the best candidate based on their ideas and background in politics and stop letting our government use us against each other in their war.

    Jun 28, 2020

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