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When everyone is asleep, 
I count the stars. 
When everyone's kissing, 
I look at your photo from instagram. 

When thoughts gather, 
And I cannot find my inner peace, 
I walk on your street, 
Guided by your sweeter perfume. 

When others talk to me, 
Your voice sounds like an echo in my ears. 
I don't know what you did to me,
 But I feel enchanted.

 When the night is too long,
 I feel alone. 
I'm lonely now. 
So, please come to my world. 

If I have you, 
I can have everything. 
When the night is cold, 
I need your hug. 

To see your eyes light up, 
To feel the warmth of your arms. 
Your love creates addiction, 
I want you more and more, 
Only you can make me smile 
As no one can. 

I would like to feel your lips pressing my cheeks. 
Please, hold me by the hand,
 Without leaving any space between our feelings.
 I am trapped in your spell now
 And no one can save me.


  • Jun 26, 2020

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