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Love me
Let me control your world
Let me be your world
And I'll crush it
Destroy it into a million pieces
I don't care about your pain
I want your attention and give me everything.
Don't leave anything out
Let me drink it all up
And watch you crumble when it's all gone.
I feel more myself when I take everything from you
And leave you with nothing
So come on
Give me everything you got
And I will take it all
You thought I was sweet
I laugh at your stupidity
I'm much more clever than I lead you to believe
You think you can change me
Why don't you just put on your big boy pants and walk away
I will drink every last drop
Of your blood from your veins
Before you could ever make me stop
I want all your attention
Everything you have to give is now mine
I will leave you with nothing but darkness
Maybe then you'll see how I live


  • Jun 26, 2020

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