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I recall those days 
I had a heavy heart
As my friend 
Had tried to rape my girlfriend.

I recall that night
I was angry but didn't fight
Not that she wasn't worth it
But because I thought
Of the  concequences if I had to retaliate.

I recall after the ordeal
My darling broke down into sobs
In my arms while we sat down 
In the middle of an empty house-
Crying herself out to heal.

I recall those days 
That followed we didn't kiss 
Nor did we caress
Although she was by my side
As she felt dirty and not ready.

I recall those days 
I used to smoke a spliff of hay
To shine bright rays
Of the rainbow
Whenever I was bored.

I recall those days
I used to drink even snuff.
Next it's tobacco I would sniff
While trying to forget
That sight.

I recall those days 
That I forgot my troubles
And moved away from the tables
Intoxicated by spirit
To the dancefloor, rocking to the beat.



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