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It is said that love is for free, 
But we still pay so expensive for it.
 It is said that it costs you nothing 
To say." I love you!", 
But we never find the right words,
 Even for the apologizes.

 We use money to impress,
 And we impress them through our fame, 
Not by the feelings we hidden inside. 
Every day of our life
 We never have time, 
Because we say that time is money. 

But to see how expensive we will pay 
The time when we will no longer have it.
 You always saw me as a funny person,
 But you never laughed at my jokes. 
But when I was talking to you seriously, 
You started to laugh. 

I am not the kind of person 
To knock on closed doors, 
If the answer to my love is your ignorance, 
Then I prefer the solitude. 

When you are just a child, 
You look at life through other eyes, 
And think that happy ending love stories, 
Are compatible for anyone who believes in love. 

But when you grow up 
And become mature through each goodbye, 
You understand that some stories 
End before the deadline.

 Going back to the beginning, 
How much does love cost you? 
Sometimes it costs you tears 
When you love alone, 
Sometimes just the smiles 
Shared with your lover one.


  • Jun 26, 2020

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