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At the time when grandparents 
Lived their love story, 
Were waiting for a few years 
Just talking through letters. 

They focused on their love, 
Didn't cheat or given up. 
Now temptations increased with technology,
 And while things seem simpler to socialize,
 Becoming more and more complicated 
To make a real connection between couples. 

It is said that what is real lasts an eternity, 
And no one can split it. 
When they separated for a long time, 
They suffered, did not seek relief from someone else. 

I think we have a lot to learn, 
No matter how much we think we know all, 
There are things we can never find out 
Their magnificent story.

 Who loves must fight. 
The train it comes, 
Grandmother says goodbye, 
And she was kissed on forehead. 

He was leaving further 
And she was lost 
Like the smoke coming out of the train. 

When you are at a distance from a lover, 
You would do anything 
To have that person close. 
And when is near us, 
We don't appreciate the good moments!


  • Jun 26, 2020

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