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Being married into a joined family she was on # 3rd in her siblings and was married during her school days so,she didnn't had any experiece of domestic work and  practical life.Her parents aren't  much educated.  Although  her husband had a good business of selling cattles, his is a stingy one and not like to spend too much on his own family.  She used to always complained  it in front of  her childern. But she never asked or demanded any thing from her husband.And she was a coward  woman to complain  or  plead  any one for anything. Her attitude  made her children physically week,fragile and lazy they donn't have any boldness and any other achievment in life.
With the passage of time children grew up and  the business of father got unestablished because he never listened to any of his children or wife about any thing he always used to spend all his income on his parents ,his own siblings and ther offsprings. He considered them his loyals and having a wrong notion that in future they will be his supporters ,but with the passage of time  moneys  got wings and he  came to earth.
Now real complications of their life appeared  most of their children are in their teeens and now they hav to get admissions in their colleges and one or two in the university.But now their financial condition not allowed them to even feed them properly  so,where is the question of proper education and  future achievements.
The  father now took interest in the activities of his children when he has nothing to do ,he now expected them to love him ,respect him or listen to his advices  where as the  stage of  their life  didnn't allow him to get close to them .Because all their lives they craved for his love and care .He even started bullying them to earn  income where as they even had completed their education and even donn't had  any skill.
The wife was so humble she showed patience and  try to mannage the house by demanding debts from her own  family to run the life cycle.She inspired him to do some business but he didnn't took it seriously. With the passage of time their conditon became bad to worst none of  businesses became successful  and  they became indebted to all of their family and friends. During all the man's family  never even inquired about  their conditon  his siblings and their offspring to whom he was most concerend  and prefered them over his  own children ,helped them in  making their businesses and marriages not even looked towards him.
His  sons tried hard and mannaged some hiw to run life cycle of the family by having the  disrespectful jobs of less earning.   now all of the siblings are in their  middle age and no of them is married . Because marriage is  just a dream for them. 
 They all try to live ( life without life).
They  pay debts  which they donn't   borrow.
Their children raised the  offspings of their own parents(siblings).
They earn without money and skill.
They love without being  loved by their own father.
They console each other without being consoled .
They donn't have extra money ever to enjoy any of the life's happiness. 
All of them ruined their wished desires and  happinesses even their lives too.
The most unhappy and the most useless are now very useful and necessary for their  parents.
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    Jun 26, 2020

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