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Rachel: I sed I loved you!😭💔 but you didn't care

Michael: stop talking!

Rachel: no I won't. I'm done with holding it all in side. 

Michael: will I don't want to hear it!

Rachel: I know you don't...

Michael: Then why tell me!?

Rachel: Because I still care about you 💔

Michael: will you shouldn't!

Rachael: why are you yelling?

Michael: Because I don't want to deal with you anymore than I already have to!

Rachel: is what why you left me because you didn't want to listen to me anymore, because you didn't want to hear what I'm going through. Because you only care about yourself.

Michael: that's not true!

Voice starts to trimble (michaels)

Rachel: Then why do you always tell me to talk to someone else about my problems?

Michael: Because I'm not a good talker.

Rachel: I see that.

Michael: I'm sorry for yelling at you...


Michael: it's alright you don't have to say anything. As long as you know I'm sorry. I hope you find someone better than me...

Rachel: me to.

Both walk away,... And never see echother again


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