Is This Death Read Count : 9

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Down on the floor, I tremble. Fearing for my life as a man, looking like death, looms over me. I feel my heart racing as I try to scramble away from this haunting figure. My life flashes before my eyes, the feeling of hope and happiness drains from me, leaving nothing but loneliness and fear.

The ground is cold and feels like frost on my hands. My breathing is shallow but i can see the cloud of breath in front of my face. They show that I am still alive, but for how much longer, I do not know.

Slowly, I am able to get on my hands and knees to try and move away faster. Now, behind me, I hear a sinister laugh coming from the figure. He sends chills down my spine and know that I only have a few moments left. I am afraid. Not of dying, but of what happens before the still darkness that comes after. On the floor, maybe 20 feet away from me, I see a gun. I can feel a slight glint of hope in my chest. I quicken my pace wishing that I could make it to the gun to defend myself.

Soon, I feel the cool metal in my hand. The gun is heavy but comfortable in my grip. I turn slowly, ready to shoot this figure of death. A grin shoots across his face as he lunges towards me. He holds me down on the floor, grabbing at the gun in my hands trying to rip it from me. I struggle under his weight as he holds me down. I feel the bulge in his pants and I begin to panic. Tears begin to fill my eyes and start flowing down my face. I know what he is planning to do and I am terrified. I struggle harder to free myself. I fight with all my strength to push him off of me. Knowing in my soul that if I give up, my world will end. Not just my life but my entire being. I would no longer be me when I die. I would be an empty shell and death would be welcomed after.

I shake my arms free. I hold the gun out, pointing it towards the figure, this demon of a man. I pull the trigger. Miss. The bullet flies by his head. He jumps up and away from the bullet. He stops and stares at me. My final chance. I bring the gun into position, and he begins to move towards me. I pull the trigger. He falls, blood begins to poor out of a hole in his head. It begins pooling on the floor and slowly trickles towards me. I scream and begin to cry harder. I move away slowly. My heart beating out of my chest.

I see a cloud of breath float in front of my face. I am still alive. I am shaking. Unsure of what to feel. Is this worse than death? Something inside me has changed. I am me, but no longer me. Who will I become? What will I became?


  • Jun 26, 2020

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