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Negative beliefs,

my mouth keeps me from being unloveable,

person I am is unimportant,

 not helping certain people make me unworthy,

my physical presence does not deserve to exist.

My physical presence does not belong,

situations out my control make me feel helpless,

all abuse I endoured causes me not to trust anyone,

everyone speculates everything I do is wrong.

Why try?

Positive beliefs,

I am loveable by foogle family.

I am important as a writer.

I am worthy of my writings.

I survived all the bad trama abuse.

I belong “Here an Now.”

I am strong as a person.

it is safe to trust an love one person.

I can learn from life lessons.

My beliefs are what make me who I am.

Thinking beliefs,

Twisted logic of thinking,

No one understands my logic,

My thinking process is different comprehension then others,

My outlook on different insights are never understood,

My potential is unrelevant,

Life is what it is; only thing matters,

“Here an Now”

“What my eyes see at this moment.”

I Dont fall victim to society chaos.

Less attention on me; more on others for their self stupidities.

Why cause drama situations that don't need be caused.

More interaction of influences are chain an effect response.

Why get wrapped up in something is none of my concern?

Why cause havic on to yourself when others retaliate?

No one changes to be better or represent the actual facts of situations.

There is two sides of every individual situation stories.

Not about who is right or wrong about survivial.

Survivial choices are made by the life situations.

Individual is responble for there own outcome reaction an choices.

More emotions, more violence, more sickness, more morbidness,

changes nothing.

People that cause violence are ones who need to chill use words,

No fist..No guns..No violence.

People let there emotions fly instead of thinking before acting.

It only human nature to respond this way.

People need to realize that all that goin on, 

they have falled into the trap of the NWO.

This exactly what they want,

Self destruction, destuction on cities an people.

As Longs people continue to stay programmed as there dummies,

Nothing will ever change.

Face the facts stop feeding into their an there game.

Do not worry about tomorrow it is not here yet,

Do not worry about yesterday becouse it has not came an gone yet,

Only worry about today becouse it is “Here an Now.”

Only need face what is given to as a individual,

When things are out of someone control,

“Damn if you do an Damn if don't.”

Life is what was given to us,

Change as person or people that is on each individual.

Just becouse you fall dont mean you give up.

Continue to try an keep baby steps on the goal set for yourself.

Dont be hard on yourself if you fail,

fail is only a setback an can overcome the obsticle of self defeat,

which can be conquared with self determination,

stride to move forward to keep the baby steps alive.

One person that can stride for yourself,

is a little accomplishment  in it self.

Remember that everone fails at somethng,

remember that everyone gains at something,

each individual talent may be rediclous to others,

others can see it as not rediclous.

One person thought is different on purpose,

to another person different out look on subjects.

This does not make them any less or more superior than you.

One day situations of certain people in society,

reverse the roles to make them live in proverty.

Reverse the roles make them prisoners.

Justifing one person pain for another,

is cruelity,

“Love thy Enemies”

“Invoke thy Enemies with Love”

Is it so bad become nonexist for the sake of sacrifice?

I would rather sacrifice myself for some one I love,

then be tormented by abuse of this earth an life.

When I am being attacked verbally I am repeating history,

by flashbacks of those I trusted.

“Defend thy Truth when it is false.”

“Defend thy self from those who attack.”

I need to start walking away,

Not enter myself in the abuse cycles.

When there is no worrys then why worry?

To Play the game of abuse is giving up.

Patterns set beforth me was set in stone.

To overcome what was staged for me at this time in my life.

Really is not that bad for my self individual.

When there is no logic to life,

“Let it be a mystery.”

“When time is ment to understand something,

it will be,

If it is not ment be understood then it was never to be.”

Feelings come n go never stay,

repeat in a cycle,

to break that cycle is what?

We all living on rewind at the moment,

“Ground Hog day effect”

Repeat of life as we know it.

“Wake up”

“Shit an shower”

“Eat an Drink”

“Go to sleep”

“an repeat it all over again.”


  • Jun 25, 2020

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