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Unloveable side of me is dramatic of emotions.

Unimportant side of me is failure.

Unworthy side of me is mistake of emotions.

Seem to deserve nonexist of my beliefs of opinions.

Feeling of not belonging im the oddball on the otherside.

Feeling of helpless or powerless in my self.

Broken trust can not be restored.

Judgement of others always pinpoint of me doing something wrong,

When I am doing nothing wrong.

Do I deserve to be loveable?

Do I deserve to be important?

Do I deserve to be worthy?

How do I keep continue to survive?

Where do I belong?

Can I ever feel safe to love again?

Can I ever trust again?

Can I ever learn from my mistakes from the past?

Will I ever feel loveable?

Will I ever be important?

Will I ever be worthy?

Will I survive trial after trial?

Will I ever feel belonged?

Will I ever feel safe to love again?

Will I ever trust anyone again?

Will I ever learn life as I know it?

Nothing is not unloveable.

Noting in not important.

Nothng is not worthy.

People only survive to what they know as a individual.

People only survive to there aspect an surroundings as a individual.

“One person feeling as Right is another persons feeling of Wrong.”

“One person of feeling as Wrong is another persons feeling of Right.”

What is fit for that individual; 

Who say it wrong or right to for that individual to live?

Only Society an Laws are seen as Right an Wrong.

Only Good or Bad is seen as Right an Wrong.

How a individual acts is Right an Wrong.

How person Morals an Principles are seen Right or Wrong.

Beliefs of a individual should not reflect on Right an Wrong.

This what I believe.

Judgement of others are portrayed as Right an Wrong.

All the ethic statements an stereotyping are Right an Wrong.

Why do we need to have Right or Wrong?

Impact of feelings there is no Right an Wrong.

There is no Right or Wrong way to feel as individual.

Human have feelings that is human instinct.

Sad Mad you can feel at same time.

Hate Love you can feel at same time.

Does this make individual Right or Wrong to feel this way?

As Individual is any Individual more important than another?

As Individual or as a Group in Society we are all important.

“All Lives Matter”

No Matter what Race, Sexuality, Ethic background!

Words used are triggers to the reaction of feelings,

As a human instinct.

But the Individual can control themselves if they choose to.

Individuals rather blame an use excuses,

Which is also a human instinct.

Defend or Surrender?

Each Individual has their own faults.

If you think about it we all are instructed with short commings.

We are all programmed to be alike,

Emotions we all have,

Situations we all have,

At one point in another we all live in similar situations,

Just different scenerios.

As society we all live in same situations.

Human as Human is treated same,

In society as background get judged one way or another,

In one way or another by someone or groups.

How is one person above any other person?

Trust is a illusion.

There is no Trust in any life.

Only Trust is in one individual that feels trust for another person.

Is a human emotion.

Being safe is a joke,

There is no safety when a person violated,

from any abuse at all.

There is a safe place for a individual,

Once in the safe place,

There is relief.

Truely is there any safe emotions?

“Emotions come an go but never stay.”

Love is a emotion,

Most individuals are disillusioned by this.





Is what should really be about.

“Much Love to all.”

To Learn is to Love,

Moral is a Principle,

Respect to all Individuals.

Learn is what is an Learn what is not?

People need to relieze that Earth is what it seems.

People need to relieze that Life is not what it appears.

Illusions of the heart is what is taught.

What is real an what is fake?

Each Individual can come to there own individuality.

When you get down to it,

We are all in same reality.

We are all in same life situation.

We all feel the emotions,

We all get stirred thoughts.

We all think the same parables,

We all say same words.

Only when it convient to the individual,

at one time or another,

As human this what it is to be human.

We all can relate to situations.

Truth of one self is what matters,

Insight of one self is what matters,

Individual as a person what matters,

Beliefs of one self is what matters.

As community of people,

“is to agree to disagree.”

“Is to disagree to agree.”

“Support the Cause.”

Of Humanity is what needed.

“There is no Right or Wrong in support of ones belief.”

What is the belief you choose?


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