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Many years ago it must have been easier to meet people. You met people at work or through friends or at school. And the thought of meeting people thru a dating service or a phone dating service or God forbid an online dating service well that was for desperate people. Well in the last few years things have changed. People because of sexual harassment are more cautious now about meeting people at work or school so one of the biggest changes in this country is that online dating has become a very big and acceptable way to meet someone. 30 pct of adults now say that they've been in an online dating site at one time or another.and the business of online dating has become a912 million dollar business. But with the increase of these dating sites and all the info exchanged between these potential daters. There has been a rise in online scams targeting dating sites. There was a recent arrest in New Jersey a married couple was charged with using fake profiles on dating sites to woo unsuspecting victims into giving up more than 6 million dollars. The way they were doing it is pretty much the same. They would approach a victim.on a dating site..begin a conversation try to gain their trust. Ask them to either text directly or go to a chat site like Google Hangouts or what's app. Once there they continue the conversation maybe send some fake but very erotic photos and all the while they may say that they are in ghana or Nigeria on business but they can't wait to see you once they get back. then all of a sudden they have a business setback or they get robbed and even though they have this job they need you to send them the money thru some payment app so they can get home. And of course, after the victim sends the money. Their profile and all means of contact are deleted. That's just one scenario there are many similar ones. People have to learn to follow one simple rule. Never send money to someone you have never met personally no matter how much they tell you that they care for you. Often these scammers will say they love you a day or so into the conversation don't know about anyone reading this. but I find it hard to believe that a let says a 25-year-old woman can fall in love with a 60-year-old man after chatting for maybe an hour on a smartphone app. These scammers have set up fake profiles on E harmony. Plenty of Fish and match.com. those were the ones mentioned in the criminal case but I have personally been approached on Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis. Yes, I get approached but I've never fallen victim to these people. I have spent time on these sites as my wife passed away a little over 2 years ago and yes I'd like to find someone. So when these people approach me I will engage them and play along like a cat with a mouse.  I let them have their say tell me what they'll do for me and how much they love me. and wait for them to ask for money. Then I block and delete the contact. One of the ways I use to pick up on these people looks at how they verse the language you can tell if someone's use if English isn't good and they say they were born here. Another way to catch them is to maybe ask about something from.the city they say they are from for example I had one say she was from Buffalo, New York. I asked her if she liked the Bills and she had no idea what I was asking.  Delete and block soon after. I just wanted to pass on this little warning people are still out there trying to separate good people from. their money by any means possible. So I'll end by saying be careful and don't send money to anyone you have never met for any reason


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