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They hide in the dark & wait for you to get close enough so they can attach themselves to your precious veins and suck your blood. Only thing you will feel is a itchy spot where they took your blood afterwards, but you will never know until it's too late and you form diseases within your body.
So do vampires exist? If you think hard about animals of the night or those who lie in wait to attack you are vampires and it's true if you eat a lot of garlic it will keep them away. Who are they? Fleas, Leaches, Bats, Mosquito's, etc.. List can go on. Who gave me this insight? My Father. Humans are also vampires. Those who are negative or full of vile energy that drain those who try to stay positive. They are not happy until you suffer like them. They are full of addictions and will do anything to gain to fulfill their addiction or desires. They are called energy vampires because they drain your energy and keep your vibrations low


  • Good one

    Jun 25, 2020

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