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I feel pain all over my body. 
I am surprised that I still find
 The strength to breathe. 

The clock goes against me, 
But I'm still waiting for your kiss. 
I thought it would last forever, 
But it didn't last long. 

I have the freedom to choose, 
But I choose to be yours.
 Illusion is a drug, 
It flows through my veins.

I still think the people, 
Can change over night.
 After everything that happened
 I realized that nothing is eternal.
Eternal can only be a moment of pleasure. 

I see you after all this time,
 The time you held someone else's hand. 
You told me you missed me, 
But I realize, that everything you say, Was just another one of your beautiful lies. 

You want to divide your heart into 2 parts, 
To give love to me but also to the other one.
 You must learn, 
The heart does not live only half.
And only in sex is allowed a ménage à trois.

 From this story, I am the only one who loses,
 Because you can move on much easier. 
I often wonder what kind of form love have,
 And after how many failures you can meet it.

 We always talked about everything,
 But we were left repetitive 
In terms of our feelings.


  • Jun 25, 2020

  • Jun 25, 2020

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