To Be Like Jesus Read Count : 13

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/Soul
Chorus: To be like Jesus (2×) All I ask to be like him
                 all Through life's journey from earth to Glory
                   all I asked to be like him
solo:         The Only one I desire of my heart is to like Jesus
                    is to be like je---sus  (2×)
                    Many times I longed for Jesus, but it's seems to me
                     as if he's far, what I want from he's to stay in my heart
                      for the gate of he'll shall not prevail
                   The only one I desire of my heart, is to be like Jesus
                     is to like je---sus, is to be like Jesus
                     Repeat Chorus
solo:            Mercy refuse and love took my place, there on the cross
                      were justice met Grace, Mercy refuse to let me die 
                      Jesus the lamb was crucified, though rightfully death
                    wanted me but mercy refuse...
Repeat Chorus- Modulate chorus once... then close the song.


  • Wanting to be like my Father is coveting which is a sin from the 10 commandments

    Jun 25, 2020

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