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We have all received life, 
But not all of us are able to live. 
We have all received a heart, 
But not all of us are able to love.

 We have arms that 
We rarely use to offer a hug. 
And the lips don't let the words
 To come to the surface.

 We all have feelings, 
But we feel in a different way.
 We have desires that we let disappear. 

We have hands that we use 
To write messages on the phone,
 But not to touch the face of our loved one. 

Life has to be managed, 
Otherwise it gets out of control. 
And it gets into the hands of people 
Who are capable of doing us harm.

 We have eyes that do not see beauty 
Beyond appearance. 
And we are fooled by brilliance.

 And after this search, 
While we lose years,
 We will finally realize who we are 
And what we need it.

 I would like to be understood, 
And to understand
 What the purpose of a life is. 
And how I can live it worthy, 
Taking advantage of time.


  • Jun 25, 2020

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