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You just took me out of your dream. 
 I never thought I would find an end.  
You just told me to stop.
  My heart breaks without making a noise.  

I looked at you, 
You couldn't look into my eyes. 
 Don't be afraid to tell me 
What made you change your mind.  

You take your luggage and leave, 
I drown with the air that hits my face.
 With you, also my dreams will fall, 
Nothing will be the same.  

We will be miles away,
 When until now I was so close.
 I will have to get used to it, 
Hurting myself alone like many times.

 I thought the dream would not end, 
I thought we would always be together, 
But all dreams made in two, 
Now are ruined.

  If you knew how much it hurts me,
 I'm running out of energy.
While you're miles away, 
I'm standing here. 

 You drove me out of your dream, 
And my dreams collapsed.
You drove me out of your mind, 
And my whole world collapsed.


  • Jun 25, 2020

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