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With every step the place got deeper and deeper
The deeper I went with every turn the place got bigger
This place was huge for a night spot
With every hour the more lost I got
With every sip the more drunk I got
Hardly recognised anyone at the doo
Don't even know what I was doing here
The place had two floors
A huge complex for parties, occasions, celebrations
                                   drinking, dancing and socialising
Soon as I caught a glimpse of a familiar face
The sooner I lost them and lost myself in the crowds.

A stranger intoxicated began to talk to me
As if he knew me
Yet I never knew this guy at all
The conversation was going nowhere
So as I walked away I was relieved
Yet the guy persued me angrily 
Like as if I offended him by leaving him
I was so drunk I couldn't care less for this guy's feelings
He was a stranger to me
Meant nothing to me at all
And I would be overjoyed if I never saw him again 
Somehow I lost him or he lost me. 

I was beginning to regret
ever being invited to this occasion
Just wanted to leave
Then faces I had not seen 
for over 10 to 20 years came into view
They were hollow
Filled with silence
I was happy to come across them by chance
They were just not interested and distant
Too concerned with own addictions.

I took a moment to keep on looking around
The place was monumental
Flash and so vibrant with many rooms and halls
Saw people dancing and enjoying themselves
Smiling faces really having a good time
So I decided too keep on partying and drinking
Until the night became vague and unrecollectable
Remembered daylight was rising as I left
Took a wrong turn and headed away from my hotel
Took another wrong turn trying to correct my mistake
It must have been an angel that took me to my room
For I would have died if they hadn't shown me the way
And was not alone in my bed
When I woke up later on that day.

The breeze in a small town is refreshing
On holiday
On a hot summers day.


  • a nightmare I had but wasnt that bad, it was bad for in real life I avoid places that sell alcohol even though I used to like to drink now and then a long time ago

    Jul 02, 2020

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