The Great Storm By Jacob Cleary Read Count : 9

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This is a story about rex. rex is a new player to the fortnite history although rex was really good at the game. Rex got his first ever solo win and Rex said that was really fun i should show my friend this . His friends name is raptor. raptor is not so good as rex but raptor is still good. Rex and raptor got a duo win together and raptor is so happy raptor said this is the best game ever I don't want to stop playing it it so fun. Although they ran into some trouble there trouble is the storm. If you go inside the storm you will start to die. Rex and raptor are scared to jump out of the battle bus and they landed at retail row and luted up and tryed to go to the circle but the storm was right behind them. Raptor had chug splash and they used it and with that they made it to the circle and killed some people rex noticed the circle moved and they ran as fast as they can and they made it and there's only 4 duos left so rex and raptor went to go find people they found some people raptor used his sniper and Rex used his scar rex and raptor killed them and now there only 3 people left rex killed a duo and it a 1v1 rex is building eating well raptor take care of the there guy  raptor is building up to rex and together they get the win


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