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Final Part Of Lust 3 The End 

These  Items  were voluntary done by my mother. Shoot, I thought it could be my other birthday presents in the weekend with more on the way delivered here for her to pick up in the house, and giving it to me to wear for school. Looking more classy and more as much as a nerd, I’ve always wanted to be. A really smart kid that could work any job in his life. Get paid lots of money working multiple jobs he already know how to do what to do,needs the be approved necessarily that he qualifies of the quantities to work this shift or a business, towards the parent guardian of the child whom wants to work here part time or anytime he’s available to answer on in with his first day on the job. Working to respect his boss and customers, to help the boss gets more customers an income of cash the more customers flying by its place for anything really, rather than other grocery supermarket, or grocery stores they could go then Where the newbie works at. That will be my ego and my self-esteem dream about that I’ll always dream and remember someday I will become a nerd. I said thank you and a half. Hugged her with her hugging me back, and my bus coming through the parking lot near our complex beeping the horn for me to come. Okay, Poppy enjoy school, okay?”She asked. Smiled at him waiting for answers for me deteriorating our hug to depart us from each others. Me step in a few steps back aiming towards the front door on out to my school bus facing my mother with a smile on my face too wave her goodbye until the front door closed in my face. When I exited out the house using my feet Revealing my way out the house, continuously waving her an  her waving at me  at me back. 360 spoiled toafull turn around jogging towards the school bus steps. Hurling for my seat to sit for my final stop at the school to hang out with my friends and for my education as well. :Few hours later it’s a dorm of the mid afternoon: My life was moving fast forward. Everything was happening all at once every single day. Some broke my heart and some blocks of classes that we were in together which was periodically every single one of a block session class besides my homeroom class. The schemes, the tricks, the blindness of lust love I’ve been throwing at by her with no remorse  I didn’t see coming the whole time, Me trying to get her to love me as much as possible. To please her all. Give her what she wants, always saw a smile and of what I couldn’t control what is my heart pumping out of control every time I see her smiling and happy with me and it’s us pretty close, I feeling like I’m in heaven. This is the life I’ll always want and chairs and protect until the day I die with my legacy behind withThis girl included in to the end. As I soon for a fact, I was wrong all along. Try to commit suicide, but some angel of the spirit save me, and my brother to just stop my submission act of killing myself put it to sleep. It was the last day of school and everyone was crowding the hallways and everything doing your own thing. Talking to your friends having a kick of it. That was when at the time it was pretty much time to go after 30 more minutes, so this social and fun Ness of us buying this and thatSocializing or physical contact with her girlfriends or relationship females or males, is the best time. Me an my friend Austin my best friend the best of the others I hang out with in my other blocks of class some of my other best friends or not in,Clambered around ninja styling through people without touching them finally reached a pitstop of wherever you want to stop. He wanted to go to the other way and I wanted to go on a manhunt, searching for my babe Elba girlfriend. It was a lot of students in large lines for special exclusive products that they want to buy or take home with them, and most of all just blocking the hallways filling it up socializing in battle game and each other with their own devices. I’ve search and search and search and still find no side of her. I’ve had my yearbook my left hand wanted her to sign it. I was going to give up, but I have to try one more time and I found side of her. All cooped up in the corner of my other buddies that I don’t see pretty often that is not in my homeroom class crowding around her for them to sign new year book two. What up Poppy? What up bro? Oh, nothing getting what your requesting waiting that’s my girlfriend Elba. Ohhhhhhhhh.@ Guys come on!” Okay, okay, we’re just joking, do your thing. You too for sure. Poppy. Walked off acting quite childish-crackling it up. Can’t blam them. Chuckling myself quietly. How could of a boy like me get a hit girl like her under my wing? U stepped in the room filling a only to be there the locker section of the eighth grade hall. Opening my mouth of a question I’d already knew I was going to ask. Can I get you to sign My yearbook two? I want it to become a memory when we don’t see each other again or the possibility of us going to the same high school with each other for the first time it ever.” Sure Poppy.” She grabbed the yearbook out my hands. Signing it with my pen in my right hand instead of hers she’s using I was so paralyzed of that sign I saw, I could barely move with my heart beating rapidly inside. Or I could give you my phone number as well, Poppy? Wouldn’t you mind? No, I’ll definitely want your phone number, So we could talk sometime and get to know each other a little better, of what we do with our life’s at home. I can’t agree any worse. I gave her a pink piece of paper out of my backpack I unzip and zip close. Lend it over to her to sign it, and waited so excited. I can’t believe this is happening, I told myself I told myself. This is really happening, this is a dream come true that never fails you anyhow of a way. Here you go, Poppy.” I got it from her placing it in my yearbook. The next thing I know, being pushed against the lockers by her. Kissing me  smoothly on the lips. Thank you, Poppy. Thanks for everything, You’ve done for me.” She was gone. Left on out hidden within her girl pals. YEEEEEEEEEESHH!” WOAH!!!!!!!” THIS IS MEANT TI BE- I sang a song for the time being Sparling too energetic kind of fool funny kid. Been doing well I wanted to do by myself alone, witheveryone busy and preoccupied with their doing besides paying attention to my foolishness in the hallways. I was broke had no money, so was it to me having to go hang out with my friends for the rest of the day? They gave me there phone numbers in a booklet I keep pretty sacred. It’s my time, and I chose the way how old and it. YEAHHHH!!! WOAH!!! YEA-School Out. I sprinted face forward into the house blocking the door. Taking my shoes off, spreads into the stairs sugar bashing my door scaring the crap out of my brother following face forward on his controller of an Xbox 360 calmer of mine to the extreme actions. AGH! THUD! Crash! Screams Game over. WOOSHH! The hell Poppy, look what you-What are you doing?”He forgotten the whole subject and focused on what I was doing so quick to get. What do you think I am about to do? I  Dialed the cell phone numbers I’ve been given by El bar on my cell phone. Once I was done and it was ringing for an interception of the other line to connect, he snatch the paper out my hand the exam and what I was dialing. Oh, Mr. ladies. OK, I see you. I see. Yeah whatever man, some privacy? He scoffed an left on the room Grumbling some gibberish I can’t translate or differentiate what he saying About me so low, which I’m pretty sure it’s not nice words. Ring.... ring.... ring Helllllo?”  The interception from the other line was a elder old lady in their late 80s or 90s years old. Prove to all if you ask me, I thought in my mind it could be probably her great great great grandmothers. She probably lives with them depending on whatever her situation is in life. So I’m not on wood it. Start of action if I could talk to her. Hello this is Poppy Philips.” Hmmm Doesn’t ring a bell”. Let me refresh your memory, or boyfriend of your daughters Elba Polley whom gave me this number to call to call her when she’s  available, no knowing that we all home from school on the last day of school, I could have my chance but the permission of you to  proceed head on.” Yea, I will love to but, I’ve never had a kin of a Elba your talking about Sonny boy. I laughed weakly. Wasn’t taking this to well. The smirk on my face went half hay away still having a little faith. Ahahahahaaa-what do you mean,mam?” She played you who ever she is. I knew her for the longest. For to give you my phone number it’s a little personal. She hates an all. Me an her mother don’t get along to well, it’s a long story unlike like similar yours, we could possibly-BEEP! I hung up noticing the whole world stopped in front of me. The kissing, hanging out with my best friends without permission being really intimate sexual with them right next to me in class, giving her my favorite doughnuts of Dukin Doughnuts for her in a music day in class before  dismissal to our next block in class. Her pleading thank you  repeatedly. Tearing the donuts up by bits of pieces, with her girl pigs eating it like a pug in front of me. Mouths was filled with doughnut residue all over. Everything that happens leading to her plan all along, leaving her final tip, I didn’t see coming through the whole school year for three straight years. Hung on until the end. When she was ready to cut the cord loss of on out me to the curb. So Poppy-POPPY NOO!” The phone fell out my hands unwillingly beyond my control. I having all ready my scurf Tightening my throat hard for me to breathe. Squeezing the life out of me in anger. Cracking my neck was all I needed to do finishing my life to a whole as a heartbroken boy losing his life to a suicide because of  a attractive  seductive female outplaying him to his lost. Not getting the girl but her needs in place, without showing it  obvious. The spouse of a boy blinded by true love that seemed, to be a false, leading to his death of suicide. Arghhh! Let me go!” I’ve shouted out. Trying hard to break the neck of mine closing in tightening my neck hard enough for the final blow. It won’t let me whoever it was l. Sure wasn’t my brother. He was too far away. I soon enough gave up crying endlessly in the couch  smothering myself deeply in pillows. Bro when you ready, tell me everything Poppy.” I’m here for you.” It happened to me before.” It’s okay, it’s okay, he said, patting my back seating in our Super Mario Design colored bed. Since then, I’ve never dated again. Four years ago: Bro, I dare to ask that girl out over there you keep eying in.” Yea Poppy. Christian joining in. creeping me out with them big old serious eyes. Alright, chill.” I’ll do it. I walked out my seat from the movie theater of the music class. Talked to her with the best of ability. Left my phone number an paper there, if she interested. There you, see?” Wasn’t it that hard, huh Poppy? Asked Ziar.  I kept on walking to my seat shaking my head to watch this new cartoon movie playing. Taking a load off. Turned my tablet in to GTA vice city. You play to much, I muttered. After class we talked throughout the hallway walking like some sleepy hippos seeing people that walk slower then us  chatting, walking past us and spinning us pass by. Running rootsteos occurred. I feeling a grab for my arm. Slowing me down even more. I checked to see an it was the girl I was dared to ask out. Well, Poppy. I’m all yours.” I turned around to the left side of me for a little help in a voiceless tone. Oh we need to use the restroom.” Yea, our bladder is pretty bad, see ya!” They both sprinted to class ditching me with her. Morons........ I whispered......... “Well, we could To  continued..........


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