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I love the night because I can see the stars.
  I love the night because you can hear my thoughts.
  I like the night because I feel you in my chest.
 I like the night because it makes me dream of you.  

While all the cities are asleep, 
My soul rises to life.
 I would like to be there,
 There all my life. 

 But we are so far away,
 I don't know if I will ever be able 
To touch your pretty face. 

 But we are so far away, 
Although there are times 
When I feel your breath through the video call. 

 I love the night, 
Although I know that in your city
 It is the middle of the day.
 I love the night because another day
Will start today. 

 I love the night,
 But I would like you to be here too, 
I love the night,
But I love you more than myself.


  • Jun 25, 2020

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