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The strong wind mixes feelings. 
But I remained the same 
Even with my broken heart 
Through my evil soul.

 Every time someone says your name,
 I turn my head. 
But I never understood your hesitation before. 

Your eyes tried to hide your feelings.
 But it's okay, 
I'll still survive,
 trying to defend myself.

 Reacting in the same way, 
Things cannot be improved.
 I don't want to be your victim anymore,
I think it's time to move on. 

But you always call me back
 When I try to escape. 
But now I try to forget everything.
 I lie myself that you care about. 

But I have the impression 
That you just do not like loneliness, 
And you think that I will remain
 When everyone else will be gone. 

You know that the heart often cannot forget 
All the nights of loneliness, 
Seeing yourself around someone else. 

We cannot connect souls through lies. 
Maybe it's about love 
But in different times.


  • Jun 24, 2020

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