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I want to share a research I've done on politics with you. I was told by my Father war would come to America when Donald Trump became President. Now I've been investigating who does it and I will now proceed to give you my evidence on who does it. 
1. Donald Trump pissed off our allies he caught doing us wrong.
2. He is giving all what they want not just some.
3. He wanted to end funding for those who funded the lab that created the virus. 
4. He understands we need no more impunity for anyone who works for our government.
5. He is against our gun rights or constitutional rights being taken away.
Now think hard? Who is pushing for WHO to continue to fund that lab? Who is pushing to take your gun rights away? Who is the one who pushed for non essential people to be medically neglected and killed off using their medical issues? Who? It's the Democratic party that's who!
Now you want to know why war is coming to America? For political gain and to make Trump look bad as they always do and to gain votes to win the election. For whoever wins this election will be the ones to rule from now on over us and one is tryng to warn you in a backwards way and they've caught on so trying to SHUT TRUMP UP! Take a stand! See the truth between the lies! It's the religious who is incorporating all this bullshit so they can pull a save a hoe move in you all so you'll believe in them again. Know why they want to take your gun rights away? So you won't be able to protect yourself when they bring war to us purposely. Please wake up! I am just the messenger as Jesus was sent back 3 years ago to wake you up to truth in order to save yourselves from man destroying you all. Blessed Be


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