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I took a step back, 
Looking at my past. 
I tried to forget you, 
To leave you behind.

 But in my dark moments, 
I remember, 
That you were the light 
That made me brilliant.

 Time passed,
 But I was trapped between 
Trying to forgive you 
Or to move on.

 I'm broken inside,
 My arms are empty. 
Living life means a lot of sacrifices. 

There was a time when the world was ours, 
Always together, step by step.
 The good times turned into the smoke, 
And I was like always, left alone again. 

You cheated on me and my pride 
Was screaming inside, 
That I didn't have to believe more in anything.

 I hate to see you with someone else, 
But at the same time
 I prefer to let things grow that way. 

You wanted to get back to me, 
But for me, 
Love is not a game. 

A nightmare, 
Love consumed all my desires. 
I have to confess that most of the time, 
It's not how we want to be. 

I close the door behind you. 
I lost my energy to look for things, 
That never belonged to me.


  • Jun 24, 2020

  • Jun 24, 2020

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