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Disappointed by many actions, 
I avoid people. 
I seek relief alone, meanwhile, 
Building sand castles. 

I hear talking but I don't trust the words. 
The disappointments hit my chest. 
My love for you makes me sick,
 And trusting you is not an easy thing. 

But when love follows your path, 
You have nowhere to hide. 
There are traces in the soul, 
No one can erase them. 

With my soul trampled, 
I do not seek revenge. 
Not all dreams come true, 
Some get lost under your eyelids, 
When you try to sleep 
But you no longer have the courage. 

Obsessed with catching happiness,
 I'm afraid things won't succeed. 
But I don't want to fall in with me. 

Listen the waves of the sea hitting the shore, 
That's about all I can offer. 
Are you still here with me? 

Hurry up, I don't want to lose the train ride. 
Maybe the next destination 
Will be better for us.


  • Jun 24, 2020

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