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Bianca was sitting in her room, reading. The story wasn't really interesting to her, but she was reading it to get her mind off of the day's events. She couldn't even bear to look up from her book. In front of her was something that would remind her of her troubling experience. 

But lets step back through time a bit and discuss the events that occured to put her in her state of mind. It all started first thing this morning..

Bianca was up before dawn, unable to sleep. She had been awoken from a hideous nightmare, and was unable to forget about it. So, with her nerves shot and her brain in a panic, she nervously climbed out of bed.

After difficulty flipping on the lightswitch (her hands were shaking so hard she was having trouble) she nervously made her way to her bookshelf.

This bookshelf was, in fact, of no use to her. None of the books in her room could have interested her less. But, for some reason, she still reached for a thick encyclopedia on the wall.

It was about everything she could think of. Dogs, rollercoasters, ice creams stores, you name it, it was in there, somewhere. But she turned to one page on particular, which was her favourite. It was all about music. 

Bianca loved reading about a famous pianist named Bec Rothwell. She was blind, yet had composed many beautiful songs. Bianca found this woman very courageous, and she always thought of her when facing a scary situation.

But once dawn had come and her mother came down to make some coffee, and Bianca went to say good morning, she would need as much courage as she could muster. 


  • Jun 24, 2020

  • Lauren Rioux

    Lauren Rioux

    wow five stars?? thank you!

    Jun 25, 2020

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