Imagine Corbyn Besson (part 16): Read Count : 10

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Months passed and it is your sister and your wedding.  After you all kiss after saying your vows. You went to say hi to your family  and Corbyn's family too. All of a sudden your water broke , you screamed for Corbyn. Corbyn comes running and you say "my water broke ".  He puts you in the car and drives you to the hospital. When you get there the bring you to the delivery room. After you had the baby, you went home to rest. And everyone that was at you and your sister's wedding was at the Why Don't We's house. You tell that you had the baby and everyone said congratulations to both of you. 

The next day- Everyone stayed at the Why Don't We house.  You work up by your phone ringing, you answered the call and asked "who is this". The girl on the other line said "this is the nurse and I have bad news". You go outside so no one can hear you say "what's the bad news".  The nurse said "I am sorry for loss but your baby passed away because of heart problems we tried to save him but he kept getting worse,I am so sorry". You say "thank you for telling me and trying to keep our baby alive. You hang up and go inside, you head for the kitchen and grab a knife and put it by your wrist. Then Corbyn came and down stairs and went to the kitchen,  and he saw you  holding a knife near your wrist. He grabs the knife from you while calling for everyone and you crying. 

Everyone runs downstairs and saw Corbyn trying to stop you from cutting, the rest of the boys help Corbyn grab the knife from that. Corbyn has the knife in his hand and asks "why were you about to cut". You look at him and hug him and cry into his chest and you say "I am so sorry but our baby died they tried to save him but his heart got worse and he died". Corbyn listens to what you just said and you feel tears fall on top of your head. You look up and see Corbyn crying, and then you look at everyone else and they all were crying too. You tell everyone to come here and you all just stand there in one big group hug.


  • Jun 24, 2020

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