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I burned for you until they turned me off.
 I shone in the sky until they sent me to earth.

 I was fragile with you but I became strong alone. 
Today I do not know what kind of feelings have hidden in my soul.

 I only wrote one chapter in your life, Although I wanted to stay longer. 
I wouldn't have thought I could last 
Without your love for such period.

 I was addicted to you, 
But I think it was just a desire. 
Life is full of the unexpected, 
And full of confusing. 

The universe offers you what you need, Not what you think you have lost. 
I would never have thought 
The pain would go away after a while, 
Without finding treatment from another man. 

We are the love we share
 Even with the people who do not deserve it. 
I don't want to hear you're sorry, 
Because always it's late for regrets. 

I don't need explanations, 
After seeing attitudes. 
I don't want to teach you how to treat me, 
When you took me from the start 
And brought me to the finish.


  • Jun 24, 2020

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