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We flee the path of love 
Because we are afraid of pain. 
But we are aware that 
We cannot always control. 

Love keeps us alive 
And protects us with its wings.
 If we hold the hands, 
We will not fall into the will. 

We can hide for a while,
 But we won't be able to stay hidden forever. 
We are savages, 
In search of preys. 

Unknown things scare us,
 And we are afraid to try. 
We wait the love to die 
Then to blame the other.

 But we always keep the door closed
 To the heart when someone approaches.
 We can run as we want,
 But we will be touched
 By uncontrolled feelings.

 Always in search of things we can't find, 
We are unhappy.
 We have missions to accomplish, 
To leave lessons.


  • Jun 24, 2020

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