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(The screen opens with an 8-year-old orphan: a boy who has long black hair, wearing a white robe, red shirt, blue pants walking through the woods with nobody else, then he feeds the woodland creature and smiles. An arrow shows the name 'Ace', as he's feeding a squirrel)

(The screen shows Ace walking into a cottage with some woodland creatures)

Ace (walking into his room): I'm home 

(A girl who has long hair, wearing a lovely dress with a smile and has a blue aura around her.  An arrow shows the name 'Natalie')

Natalie: Welcome back.

Ace: Thank you, Natalie, no other ghosts tried to take over the house, while I was gone.

Natalie: Nope, I scared (her eyes glow purple) them off 

Ace (shivers a little): Good job.

Natalie: Thanks. I would hug you, but you know I'm a ghost.

Ace: True (then he feels his something tug on his shirt) Huh?

(Ace sees a wolf)

Ace (gets on his knees): What's up?

(The wolf has a orange aura)

The wolf: The priest has summoned you.

Ace (confused): The priest, but why? I guess I should see what he wants.

Natalie: Should I come with?

Ace: No, just watch over the house, I'll be okay.

Natalie: Be cautious.

Ace: Don't worry, I'll be fine (leaves out the door)

Natalie: I hope you do.

(The screen switches to an old village, on the east side, where there is nothing to see, but the abandoned homes of villagers. From an abandoned bakery, a person who has long brown hair, wearing a white robe hiding any shoes named The Priest. The priest sees Ace and waves at her)

The priest: Hello.

Ace: Why did you summon me?

The priest (smiles): Straight to the point. Come inside.

(Ace enters the bakery and sees many magical objects with different auras around them)

The priest: There is a dark aura that is surrounding the castle, well about to enter the castle.

Ace: What level is the dark aura at?

The priest: 50% (turns to Ace) Which means you must hurry before it is too late.

Ace: I will (heads to the door)

The priest: Oh, and one of thing

(Ace turns to the priest)

The priest: It's the kingdom of Leafya

Ace: The place where the realm of magic was created.

The priest: The very same, so be careful there.

Ace: I will

(Ace heads out the door and goes back to him home)

(Natalie is waiting outside the house and sees Ace)

Natalie (smiles) (waves): Ace! Ace! 

Ace: I'm back (walks into home)  And we need to go on a mission.

Natalie: What kind of mission?

Ace: An interesting one.

Natalie (excited): Let's go.

Ace: Alright.

(The screen switches to a 12-year-old boy who has short red hair, wearing a white shirt, pants, and boots riding on a horse with a person who has short blonde hair, wearing the same outfit as Sanin, but blue. The first person has  the name 'Sanin'. The person with the blue outfit has the name 'Aven'.)

(Prince Aven and Sanin run through a field of flowers on their horses, as they head back to their castle, the castle takes place in the kingdom of Leafya)

Sanin (looking at Aven): Do you think your father will be angry?

Prince Aven: Probably, but he needs to realize i'm an adventurer.

Sanin: He knows, he just doesn't support it.

Prince Aven: Well I don't care.

(The screen shows Prince Aven and Sanin heading to the mountains and sees a dark red cloud above the mountains)

Prince Aven: Those clouds (serious look) he is back (goes through the grass)

Sanin (following Prince Aven): Wait for me.

Prince Aven: I thought you would want to warn dar.

Sanin (points to the sky): He already knows.

(The screen shows a griffin flying above the mountains and heads to the red cloud)

Prince Aven: Darn it, we need to get there first.

Sanin: I know a perfect route (heads to the inside of the cave)

(Prince Aven follows Sanin through the cave, after they exit out of the cave, the horses turn into unicorn with wings, but their outfits are the same)

Prince Aven: Impressive.

Sanin (smiles): Yeah

(On the unicorns with wings, Prince Aven and Sanin head to the castle)

(Once They get there, the king: an older version of Aven wearing a purple cloak, red outfit is fighting with an evil wizard: he has short brown hair, wearing a white outfit)

Prince Aven: We got here too late.

King Q: Nope you are right on time, grab the box.

(The evil wizard tries to blast Prince Aven, but the unicorn blast his magic)

(Prince Aven flies to the door of the castle, but lightning nearly blasted him, Sanin comes after Prince Aven protecting him from the lightning)

(Prince Aven made it inside the castle and flies through the hallway)

(Vines wrap around Unicorns legs, Prince Aven land on the floor)

(Prince Aven tried to free the unicorn's legs, but the vines turn into killer plants, so he runs away and enters the a room with no lights)

(Prince Aven closes the door and soon blocks it with the help of magic)

(Prince Aven looking around and sees a golden chest)

Prince Aven: Gotcha!

(Prince Aven lifts the chest, then he sees pink sparkles appearing then it reveals to be Ace with Natalie)

(Ace tries to take the chest from Prince Aven)

(Prince Aven holds onto the chest, not letting Ace take it)

Prince Aven and Ace (looking at each other): Who are you?

Prince Aven: Prince Aven 

Natalie (excited): You're royalty?

Ace: Natalie, now is not the time. 

Natalie (sad): Sorry

Prince Aven: Well, who are you?

Ace: Ace, an orphan who came here to get the items out of this chest to make sure it doesn't get into the wrong hands.

Prince Aven: Well, that won't be necessary. I'm protecting it because my father gave me permission.

Natalie: Sorry, Prince Aven, but these items don't belong here.

(Natalie releases an aura, the aura forms handcuffs on Prince Aven)

Ace: Thanks Natalie (gives Natalie a high five)

Prince Aven: Hey!

Ace (holding the chest): Sorry, Prince Aven. But, I came to complete my mission

(The door gets destroyed and a purple orb is shown)

(The orb absorbs Ace with the chest)

Natalie (scared): Ace!

(Natalie tries to get Ace out of the orb, but it gives off a shock, and hits through the floor)

Ace: Natalie!

(Ace gets shocked and his eyes glow showing he is under a trance, then the orb disappears)

(Episode ends)


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