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Domain:this is based on through lives stories.                                                          in this particular village some men are treating their wives like angels,and while some elders and king's seen those character's disgusting.                         in the year two thousand a village called ogidi in anambra state,there was a king known as UKAEGO ruling them,now almost twenty years and he is a good man supports and encouraged the men treating their wives well to keep it on,but he warned them not to start misbehaving later in a strange ways.        king UKAEGO has one wife known as (chichioma)///she had two son's and one daughter which a white man that came back with his son EBUKA,but he's fathered refused.he's first son is IKEDI and EBUKA is second son and their last born is IFEOMA.and EBUKA was living in abroad for years,and later he back with he's a white woman few years later and he's white rich male friend.   he's father is a rich king in ogidi.IKEDI has a wife and a son and a daughter.he is a mong the gentle husband.IKEDI friends whom are also gentlehusband's are OBINNA OkO-he has a wife known as CHIMMA and they had one boy and he is just one year old and he's other friend is OBIMMA who just married six months ago and yet to have kids.he's wife name is IFENNA.and another of his friend who used to live in abroad is CHINONSO and he has a wife known as CHIOMA and he has two son's known as UGOCHUKWU and IFECHUKWU and they're living in onisha anambra a village known as OBA a king was ruling there and he's known as IKEAGU ODOGWU.he believed a man should cherish his wife,but he must not do things that is not our culture.he is a cousin to king UKAEGO one of OGidi.king of OBA has two son's and two daughter's and they're MMANNA is first daughter,and UJU is last born.OKECHUKWU is second child and EMMA NNA is the third child and their mother is known as NWANYI NNAMMA.and king IKEAGU ODOGWU is also a rich king.he's first male child is married.he has two son's-known as EDUNNA and EBERE.he's wife name is UKAMAKA.and EMMA NNA was living in abroad.he later come back with a white girl and he's family disagreed with him.and king UKAEGO kingsmen are UZUNWOKE,NWAOBI and OKOERE UDONNA and AKAMMA.                                                                                                king IKEAGU ODOGWU kingsmen are-OKORO,NKWOKORO and OKOIKE and EZEIFE.                                                                                                                              it's all began early year two thousand king first son known as IKEDI in OGidi,he was coming to the village with his wife known as OMA and they're about to enter car and he was carrying his wife handbag and people around there seen it as disgusting and remember his wife carrying their young daughter and also holding their son hand and their car is packed outside,but his father was having meeting with the kingsmen in the village before they arrived.and before they left or drove off,this young men gossipping- UGODI-OWEN-CHIKA and CHIMA.                                                                                                                      UGODI:guys this world has really turned into something else,just imagined a man behaving like a woman abormination                                                                 CHIKA:this is so naive-i will never carried my wife handbag,cause it's not a man duty to carried his wife handbag boos                                                               OWEN:least not judge them much,cause we are not married,so we won't understand much about marriage                                                                                UGODI:oh oh oh OWEN don't tell me you can even wash your wife pantys,and probably eat her shits                                                                                                     OWEN:guys can we forget this topic now please                                                    CHIKA:whatever,i just don't support a man carrying a woman handbags in African,culture it's asian cultures not ours                                                                  OWEN:no problems guys let's go have some beer on me                                        UGODI:ohhh really that's my man(they left to drink beer happily)                                             


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