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With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson and his 'The Charge of Light Brigade' and to Alfred Noyes and his 'The Highway Man'
(for the ballad metre and choice of words).

It was early summer of 20
When intruders came a-calling,
On the icy height of the mountains
Where the winds are always howling.

The Generals sat and worked out 
A 'Disengagement Plan',
Both sides would leave the LAC
And withdraw to their own land.

But the foe was full of treachery
He used his guile and cunning,
He refused to disengage
And on the ridge, he dug in.

The CO went to remind them
of their solemn commitment,
They met him with abuse 
They felled him and his men.

Seeing the CO fall
Enraged the 16 Bihar,
They roared, and with their bellows
Struck terror in foe's heart.

(Did rage set them afire
On that freezing, breathless night?
Did past heroes inspired them
To put up their last fight?

Did love of their country
And the training excellent
gave then the courage to put up
What would be their last stand?)

Step-by-step, step-by-step
The Biharis charged the distance,
They broke on the enemy like a wave
And refused to brook Resistance.

Not minding the enemy's number
Or their baton studded with nails,
With bare hands and the war cry
showed those inhumans their place.

They pass on into a LEGEND
Those braves in the valleys of ice,
The question, though, is open
"Are we worthy of their sacrifice?"

This poem is basically highlighting the intrusion done by Chinese PLA on June 20 in the lands of India, 
But they got their Answer...

LAC- Line of Actual Control between India and China
CO- Commanding Officer
16 Bihar- The Bihar Regiment of the Indian Army
PLA- People's Liberation Army 

The Global Times of China isn't even disclosing the casualties of PLA by our soldiers.


  • Avhod Benewely

    Avhod Benewely

    This poem isn't my work but Yes, it is decisively a vent of my rage.

    Jun 24, 2020

  • Jun 24, 2020

  • Jun 25, 2020

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