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I have always lived with fear 
That your heart will not be strong enough, 
To be able to feel love back
 For such so much time. 

Maybe you couldn't feel my arms so warm 
When I hugged you, 
Until my last cell from myself touched your body. 

Maybe I didn't describe to you in words
 The entire galaxy from the inside
 That you produce, giving me creeps. 

Love must be like a waterfall. 
To fall upon hearts without exhaustion.
 We are two points on the map 
Moving in opposite directions. 

What remains to be done?
 With the fear of life you cannot live. 
I miss the imprint of your fingers 
What tattooed my dreams. 

If you do not risk, 
You cannot be a winner. 
To be lucky in love once, 
You have to go through many disappointments.

 You can hurt me, 
If that's all you want to leave behind. 
But poison me again with your sweety kiss, over my cold lips. 


  • Its amazing.

    Jun 24, 2020

  • Jun 24, 2020

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