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Information about Y/N
You are 21 years old
Your brother is corbyn besson 
Your talents are singing, dancing, drawing 
Your originally from Dallas,  Texas 
You grew up in a abusive family
You and your brother are twins
Your best friends are addison rae, alyssa, charli
Your really sensitive and shy
You do play sports
Sports:Softball and basketball 
You love to hunt, fish, hang out with your friends and your family 
You grew up in the country but your brother didn't he grew up in the city, 
Your the Type of girl who loves to get dirty in the mud
You do havebad depression,  so when you get hurt badly you do stuff that will hurt you 

Background story
Y/N besson is the twin sister of corbyn besson a member of a band called why don't we,  you and your brother had both lost your dad in a car crash and your mom was abusive and would always blame you for it,  by the time you were six your uncle had taken you to a room and had sexually assaulted you but you never told anyone about it until you were in the same position again, you later your uncle arrested and you and your brother were to move out to LA away from your abusive mother,  so you and your brother currently live in LA at the why don't we,  where the rest of the four members live,  Jack and Zack are like a brother to you,  Jonah is your best friend and Daniel is the bad boy that you fall for but you realize that he's a player,  corbyn is protective but not to protective, You and your brother corbyn begin as a duo with music until he got into the band why don't we and he became distant from you and begin to pay more attention to the band than he did to you, corbyn begin distance from you when he was home but would always push you away from him and became annoyed with you and he finally moved out and went to live with the boys,  you were broken and it lead into you having serious depression to the point where you did a lot of self harm and you were constantly in and out of the hospital because of blood lost 


  • awww so sad😭

    Jun 28, 2020

  • Jun 28, 2020

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