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One thing to another for plandemic,
Hype of CV makes global panic,

One "Headline to another Headline,"
More Panic,
More Fear,
More Violence,
More Anger.

Control all of us as "Savages,"
Running an acting to their demands,
Test subjects of many studies,
"Cruel an Punishments',
For many innocent Humanities.
"Purge of Criminals.'
"Signal of the Beast."

All the fake perceptions that is before
our eyes,
Reaction pressures that influence,
Learn to React in emotions of influence.

Never "To The Point" an "Truth" that starts
it all,
Then rampaids into more an more,
of concept of actions an discrimination,
even through that is not what "Started It All!"

One or Two Words,
Blow up in media to thousands of words,
False perceptions,
Gossip Wars,
Defenders of perceptions,
Opinions or Respect is out the window.

Everyone is not using their brains to solve
Signals of the powerful one,
Who is; "all mighty evilness."
Earth is being destroyed by this.

What happened to Humanity?
What happened to Liberty?
What happened to Freedom?

Humanity is definition,
"All Human Race."
The quality or condition of being
"Human Nature."
The quality of being Humans,
Kindness, an benevolence.

What is it to be "Humane?"
Characterized by compassion an sympathy
for people an animals.

The suffering or distressed relationship to
treatment of "Prisoners."
Look like that we are all treatment as their
We are being trapped as their stray lambs.

Kindness of the world has vanished,
There has been many "kindness" to 
Each of the individuals has been or given 
Surely will not forget that moment in time,
One day as it is now;
All kindness of others are so rare with all
the "seven deadly sins" released upon us.

Soon the "Lake of Free" will continue to burn 
all that man has made. 

Benevolence of Humanity,
of Human Race.
Why is not filled with desire to do goods to 

Especially towards one's fellow creatures.
As the "Rich", keep up their charitable gifts.
"As Yourself?"
"At What Cost?"
What is the "Agenda" behind this Cost?

Currency is the focused contribution,
Last Breath is forced contribution,
Destruction to the Earth is forced contribution.

"Do As I Do?"
"Do As I Am Told?"
"Law an Order."

More of Reactions,
More chaos,
More influenced programming,
More test subjects,
More deaths.

Portrayed Deaths,
Portrayed Dummies,
Portrayed Leaders,
Portrayed Virtual Reality.

At what plan was this all for?
Or Is this loop rewind modern time zones?

People who fell an will fall.
What is it; Their truly sacrifice for?

Empty Promises,
Long Told Lies,
Muster Madness.

That is what it seems; "Going to be?"

Will Humanity ever see "Liberty?"
Will Humanity ever see "Freedom?"

Until we are no more prisoners of NWO.
One day could be achieved,
that civilization can conquer,
"Peace, Freedom an Liberty Globally.


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