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Last summer, 
She left with the best parts of me.  
It's been a year,
 But it looks like a day has passed in between.

  Only those who still love someone 
Who has been gone for a long time, 
Can understand me,
 Without judging the feelings I have.  

Summer nights, 
Followed by cold nights.
  Summer days, 
Followed by rainy hugs. 

 Summer is over and with the summer, you left.
 I stayed like a call waiting, 
Waiting for you to attend.  

All the crazy summer nights, 
All the days have turned gray, 
I find it hard to believe that you are gone, 
And I am left here alone. 

 This summer has turned into the autumn of memories,
 The nostalgia of the good times,
Does not let me forget you.  
I want you in return.

Last summer you were here, 
Now it's winter everywhere,
Some good days never return.
Just a memory of them.


  • Jun 24, 2020

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