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We met in the middle of the road
 Between dream and reality.
 Both tired after the long journey, 
We were speechless. 

 I looked into your eyes so deep
 That I felt immortal.
 And I knew that nothing bad
 Could happen to me.  

We met at the wrong time, 
Hesitated to talk about things 
That hurt both hearts, 
And instead of staying, 
We hurried to run away.  

I feel like an abandoned dance,
 Like a broken glass, 
Like a red wine spilled from a bottle,
A symphony without instruments. 

 Before she left, 
She hugged me tight, 
before she left, she kissed my mouth.
before she left,
 I asked her to stay,
 But she left without even saying "Goodbye."

 We met in the middle of the road 
But from there we took another route, 
I think the opposite.
And I will never meet her again.


  • Jun 24, 2020

  • Jun 24, 2020

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