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It hurts to love you 
Because you don't even turn your head. 
 See me crying now,
 I don't think anything can change.  

It hurts me to love
 The man who remained present 
Only in the old moments, 
Clinging to the past...
Ah! Good memories remain forever.

  I will not deny,
 I have thought many times, 
Who did you replace me with,
 Who will kiss you in the night?
  Maybe it's better for me to never find out.

  It hurts me to love you
 As it hurts me that you can't love me.
 It hurts me to love you, 
I have to get used to the pain.  

I can't be with anyone else,
 I wouldn't have feelings. 
 Nothing would be the same,
 I don't want to kiss another. 

 It hurts me to love you, 
It is a pain that insists,
 It is the price I have to pay, 
And never will be enough.


  • Jun 24, 2020

  • Jun 24, 2020

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