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Keep your eyes ahead.
 Don't let anyone turn you off the road.
 Give yourself confidence.
 Don't lose the value you deserve.

 Think about your future,
 Let the past go.
 Good things will happen,
 When you don't expect them.

  The clock breaks the moments
  We are afraid to live.
 You can feel like a bird, who has its place everywhere.

  You can be like a water
  Hitting the stones,
 Setting them aside
 So you can flow.

 You can be like a book
  That goes from hand to hand,
 To leave stories
  From which anyone can learn.

  You can be like the wind
 That bends easily
 When the heat is too warm.

  You can be who you want,
 As long as you do no harm
 To anyone and you are happy
  With the choices you maked.

  Be your God,
 Giving yourself courage.
  Be what you are meant to be.
 Be the solution to your problem.


  • Jun 23, 2020

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