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My thoughts travel around the world. 
You are the world I live in. 
Being at a distance from each another, 
I am not afraid to yell:

 You are the best thing 
What ever happened to me. 
You are the dream I live. 
When I have my eyes open
 I am no longer afraid to close it them. 

I visited many places,
 I met many people but after all the trips, 
My heart took me to your heart destination. 

So far now, I cannot touch, 
But you like to bite straight
 From my heart so hard.

 I hear your voice over the phone, 
I feel it is hard for you,
 To live soo far away from me.
 But it won't always be the same. 

The world tells me why I don't give up on you?
 But how do I give up 
When you're all I needed? 

Don't let our dreams fall away.
 No one will be able 
To force us to feel different. 

I do not have to come out of your life
 To realize that I will be
 The best choice for your dreams.


  • Jun 23, 2020

  • very nice

    Jun 24, 2020

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